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I really love the chara design

I don't think you should put the health mechanic in the tech demo ( or at least just put an healthbar in there ), I would have gladly continued to play if I didn't die all of a sudden. Otherwise even if the jumps and everything is still a bit clunky, I can see some great platforming potential in this

Syndicist responds:

Yeah, I was shakey on it but some part of me that wanted some kind of loss state won out, and maybe it shouldn't have. I'm glad everyone's seeing potential for what I'm trying to do here. I'm workin' on it!

Worth it just for the pun

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Good track and cool ideas but the amount of sidechain/compression you put on the whole track when the main kick is there seems kinda off: the synths you use for melody from 0:30 to 1:45 are completely "eaten" by it

skydev responds:

thank you for the feedback, it means a lot for my development. i totally get what you're getting at, i'll keep it in mind. thank you once again!

Nice! Well first of all, good job on the 5/4 time signature, and really great track overall
Only thing I can point out is the difference of volume between the tracker and FL studio parts: I guess it's intentional but the result is that one of them always sounds either too loud or too quiet, probably would've been better if the two were around the same volume.

skydev responds:

thank you for the response! this was my second time experimenting with this kind of thing, mistakes were bound to be made haha, i suppose at the time it sounded alright, but listening back i get whatcha mean. thanks again! (late response, my bad hah)

Hey, so I listened to some of your stuff and yeah everything still sound very "wip" to me, but you could definitely make some cool stuff from that. Start by adding instruments and/or try to structure things a bit, I guess

buggagumpus responds:

yeah pretty much everything i upload is unfinished, though as of now i dont really know how to go about turning them into full tracks.

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pls help me im trying to mak music but it's vewy hawd actually
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